Homeworx Garden Rooms


Bespoke Living Spaces

Homeworx specialise in creating bespoke living spaces using FRAMECAD Steel frame technology. Enhancing your home, adding value, and providing you with the unique opportunity to tailor your living space.

What would you choose?

• Office • Gym • Bar • Spa • Annex •


Tailored Educational Environments

The future of our society is in the hands of today’s youth, shaped and moulded by our outstanding schools. However, for decades schools across the UK have had little choice when it comes to adding, replacing, or enhancing their buildings. Often having to resort to products with a short shelf life that soon require costly regular maintenance.

Homeworx Classrooms are setting a new standard in what our schools can expect in their buildings. Providing an A2 FIRE RATED, Long Life, Turnkey Solution. Using the highest quality materials designed for use in the toughest environments.


Modern Business Solutions

Modern business is now, more than ever, looking at alternative ways and places to work. Homeworx can tailor additional workspace to your business needs. Whether you need office space, meeting rooms, reception areas FRAMECAD technology enables us to meet your business needs, now and in the future.



Home Office Considerations


The inherent design of the steel frame allows us to tailor your lights to meet your requirements.

• LED as standard • Any Style • Any Layout •

• Automatic • App controlled •


Electrics & Network Connectivity

As part of the build process all electrical and network requirements are designed into the structure

• Network or Wi-Fi • Limitless configurations •

• Safe installation • Certified Connectivity •


Heating & Ventilation

All our buildings can be specific with your choice of Heating & Ventilation.

• Automatic Heating • Automatic Air Conditioning

• Air Purification Under Floor Heating

Installers approved by James Hardie Products

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