Steel Frame Extensions

Steel Frame Extensions

Compared to traditional brick and timber methods of construction, steel is stronger, faster to erect, and can almost entirely be fabricated off-site. Savings can be made in all aspects of procurement.


We do not require the use of expensive lintels and can often avoid laying a concrete base. We can also complete your extension up to 70% faster than alternative methods, due to prefabrication off-site where possible. This saves hundreds on labour costs.


BLOCK Steel vs Timber 

  • Steel is one pf the strongest materials used in the industry and is much stronger than timber.
  • Steel will not burn in a fire like a timber-framed building will.
  • Steel does not rot or allow moisture to sink in, so you will not have any unexpected guests!
  • Our system allows us to install better insulation, meaning we can fully soundproof your room.
  • No trees are harmed in the making of our extensions. 

We specialise in helping our customers achieve the extensions they want, ensuring it meets their needs and that of the property.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result of your project. 

The technology we use allows us to fully customise your extension to suit your requirements. We offer various insulation materials to meet the building codes, meaning we can be flexible in achieving far higher U-Values vs traditional building method.  

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Structural Steel

Why Cold Formed Steel?

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold Formed Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.


Benefits of using steel

The Heart of our buildings is Steel. Steel has several benefits over traditional framing materials.

• Safety • Durability • Robustness • Ductility 

• Architectural Expression • Adaptability •

Steel vs Timber

Readily available and with tried and tested methods of utilisation the world has grown on timber. However, Steel has some key benefits over Timber.

Strength • Fireproof • Rot & Moisture Resilience

• Rodent Ressitant • Speed of installation •


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Homeworx & Steel - The Difference is in the detail 

  • FRAMECAD Technology world leading steel frame technology used across the globe for all buildings sizes Home Office to Hotel.
  • Certified Materials from the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • Superb durability and longevity.
  • Fire Retardant Cladding Systems, with dozens of colour options in contemporary designs.
  • A selection of roof systems to meet your requirements, from EPDM to Live Roof.
  • Insulated to the highest possible standard for all seasons use
  • Doors and Windows tailored to your needs whether it’s a Home Gym, Annex, Office, or Classroom all our doors and windows are safe and secure.
  • Electrical Requirements & Network connectivity are designed to meet your needs.
  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Purification systems.
  • Tailored LED lighting systems. Created to meet your needs & enhance your lifestyle
  • Low Maintenance – Lifetime Solution.


Steel Frame = No Rot, No Rodents, No Worries

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